Personal coaching & hypnotherapy

Le coaching personnel et l'hypnothérapie

Do you feel the need to be accompanied during a professional or personal change? You want to evolve, to be listened to, supported? As a coach, I can help you tap into your own wisdom and go where you want to go.

In which cases can one use coaching to evolve in one’s personal and professional life?

Coaching is an acquired skill set that comes from getting top training, having the right supervisor, acquiring the experience and most especially, putting yourself into question and being willing to do the work. It is much more than enthusiastically supporting and challenging the client. A special relationship must be developed in which both coach and client work together determine goals and bring them about.  When successfully done, clients can find the experience life-changing.

Why do clients come for coaching?

  • to make significant changes,
  • to better deal with uncertainty,
  • to make better decisions,
  • to set better goals,
  • to reach goals faster,
  • to become financially more successful,
  • to get ahead professionally,
  • to deal with the influence of technology,
  • to have a collaborative partner,
  • to improve their relationships,
  • to make a bigger impact on the world,
  • to be a better leader,
  • to simplify their lives,
  • to reduce stress,
  • to address an altered reality of employment.

Coaching and hypnotherapy

I graduated from the Coach U coaching program and am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  My particular way of working as a coach is to employ hypnotherapy techniques when I can see that my client could use a little reinforcement, or has some trouble that’s getting in the way of his or her achieving goals.


  • "The combination Deborah uses is great. The hypnotherapy was there to help me get grounded after my bad experience in my professional life when we first started, but then we were able to move into coaching, where we set weekly goals that really helped me stretch my comfort zone a bit and get me back in the professional saddle. It was great having someone I was accountable to as well, and Deborah was a great support – a real lifeline – in getting me back on track.”

    Damien J.