Weight loss hypnotherapy

Perdre du poids durablement avec l'hypnothérapie

You’ve tried to lose weight sustainably many times? Generally, we think that just choosing a good diet and sticking to it means the extra weight comes off. I propose a brief cognitive-behavioral therapy to learn to think differently so as not to sabotage all your efforts, together with hypnosis for weight loss.

Self-sabotaging thoughts

In general, it starts well because we are motivated initially, and it is not too difficult to change our eating habits at the beginning.

After a week or two, we lose a little weight and feel good. We might even think that it’s not that hard. Unfortunately, we often neglect a determining factor – our own self-sabotaging thoughts.

Those inner voices that tell us “ok, just this time, one piece of cake won’t hurt,” or “I worked hard, I deserve a good meal,” or “I can hardly refuse that dessert when it took her so long to prepare it.” These voices and all the other excuses lead to gaining weight back.

Remember your last diet?  You surely had this kind of thinking. These self-sabotaging thoughts, however, are very powerful.

Think differently with brief cognitive-behavioral therapy

The good news is that you can counteract these self-sabotaging thoughts with the effective tools of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). You will learn how to have thoughts that help you lose weight, rather than sabotaging your diet.

Unlike many weight loss programs, I do not focus on what you eat. You can use any diet as long as it is balanced and includes a number of reasonable physical exercises.

Six weeks, six sessions

The program starts with an evaluation, to take in your history, your motivation, your eating habits and your reactions to particular situations in connection with food.

Then I will train you on practical tools to guarantee success, how to replace these self-sabotaging thoughts with more useful ones:

  • learn to tell the difference between hunger and cravings,
  • mindfulness techniques,
  • note ans monitor your daily diet in a diary and set achievable goals,
  • tips: how to manage restaurants, cravings and other techniques to lose weight.

Hypnosis to help lose weight

More importantly, all this work will be reinforced by hypnosis. A major study (Kirsch, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996) found that when hypnosis added to CBT techniques for weight loss, the average loss was approximately 2.7 kg without hypnosis and 6 , 75 kg with hypnosis. A deeper analysis has shown that the benefits of hypnosis increase over time.

How to choose your diet?

You need a diet that provides nutrients in the form of fresh, whole foods (cereals, lean protein, vegetables, some unsaturated fatty acids), but that does restrain the calories too much. It is important to check with a health professional that the diet is healthy and nutritious. I can recommend a nutritionist colleague whom you can consult if you wish.

How to choose your physical exercise?

In addition to burning calories, exercising improves your health and state of mind. You gain energy.

It’s not about just choosing a sport or activity to lose weight. It must become part of your life to recover and maintain your fitness.

We all know this, you can’t just suddenly decide one day to make physical activity part of your daily lives.

Practicing a physical activity that we like

To ensure the success of your weight loss program, choose a sport that you really love: dancing, swimming, tennis, a fitness DVD… – no matter how long you like to do it.

Schedule your session

Another guarantee of success is managing your time. If you try to squeeze physical activity into your daily life, chances are other commitments will take over. You also need to think about what you can do in case of rain or if a broken DVD player prevents you from following your schedule.

Finally, find the means to fit in special sessions of physical activity:

  • take a break in the morning and afternoon and go up and down the stairs for ten minutes,
  • walk your dog,
  • go around the supermarket before going shopping,
  • park away from the supermarket and walk there,
  • get off the subway or bus well before your usual stop,
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator,
  • at airports and train stations, walk instead of taking the treadmill,
  •   start your day with joy dancing for five minutes …


  • "It's been a year that I've been doing yo-yos with diets but I still managed to keep my line. Then, two years of stress at work did me in. I ate anything I wanted and put on a lot. I had never gained so much weight. Working with Deborah for six weeks, I lost 4.2 pounds, but more importantly, I learned to think of food differently and it allowed me to lose another two kilos even after we finished the sessions. I even think that this way of thinking applies to many things in my life, an unexpected benefit. Thank you, Deborah!"