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Luce D.

Social Phobia

Marie-Pierre D.

30 Years of Insomnia

David J.

Correcting a Lack of Confidence

Angela S.

Stress and Anxiety at Work

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  • “My fear of public speaking was a handicap; Deborah really helped me get my message to top management next time!”

    John P.
  • “I had a needles phobia.  My fear level went from a ten down to three in one session!

    Gary T.
  • "I learned I am ok to be open and consider the whys for my thoughts; I've learned assertiveness."
    Lynne D.
  • Je n’en reviens pas ! Pendant de nombreuses années, je refusais de mettre un pied dans un avion. Après des séances d’hypnose, j’ai pu rendre visite à mon nouveau petit-fils à Milan. J’ai pris l’avion et j’allais très bien ! L’hypnothérapie a vraiment marché ! Et mon mari est ravi que nous puissions enfin voyager dans des pays étrangers…

  • "I did the training in self-hypnosis.
    It's great, I find the sensations I had in yoga in the relaxation part and also during some sessions of bioresonance and acupuncture.
    I only have to repeat videos 2 and 3 to intensify the phenomenon."
    Julie N.
  • "Thank you for a very pleasant conversation this morning.
    As I told you, being a 73 year-old "non-believer"!, I was amazed and
    really rather pleased that the first video worked very well "on" me!!"
    Andrew S.
  • "When I came to see Deborah for my panic attacks, I had tried everything.  I was afraid to take a train, get on a plane, go to a shopping mall, get in an elevator, go to a cinema, and more and more I just wanted to stay home and not go out.  I was just barely able to go to my job.  I was desperate to get my life back. From the very first hypnotherapy session I felt better, and after the second I went for a whole week without a single panic attack.  After four sessions I took a flight home for a holiday with no problem!”

    Mohamed H.
  • "I grew up thinking that everything was always my fault. I couldn’t help it. It was a real problem because at age 24 I had never gone out with anyone or had a girlfriend. I could not talk to them. Thanks to Deborah, I have made a lot of progress. And I have gone out twice with a girl. I feel much happier and more confident."

    Georges V.
  • "It's been a year that I've been doing yo-yos with diets but I still managed to keep my line. Then, two years of stress at work did me in. I ate anything I wanted and put on a lot. I had never gained so much weight. Working with Deborah for six weeks, I lost 4.2 pounds, but more importantly, I learned to think of food differently and it allowed me to lose another two kilos even after we finished the sessions. I even think that this way of thinking applies to many things in my life, an unexpected benefit. Thank you, Deborah!"

  • "I can't believe it.  After years of refusing to set foot on a plane, we have just got back from a wonderful stay in Milan where we flew to see our new grandson, and I was just fine! The hypnotherapy really worked!  And my husband is thrilled that we can now take a holiday in another country now...;-)"
    Julie D.
  • "I was a smoker for all my life, but my health is not good, I'm in a wheelchair, and my physical therapist told me that there was a good hypnotherapist in the clinic who could help me stop smoking.  Deborah told me to wait because I had just lost a good friend, but we did the session in one day in the fall and I really wanted to stop.  I have not smoked since that day."
  • "I came to see Deborah because of my bad posture.  I had got checked and was told that it was simply a habit I had of rounding my shoulders and pushing my head forward, but I was getting neck and shoulder problems that were even turning into carpel tunnel syndrome down in my wrist!  Within two visits I had made significant improvement in both relaxing my tight muscles and remembering to be straight; the hypnosis recording really helped."
    Jonathan W.
  • "I just wanted to thank you for the astonishing appointment we had today.  I didn't have the faintest idea that such a short dream could mean anything much, and certainly not as much as I discovered today, but it all rings so true.  I have been thinking all afternoon and with these new insights I get why I have had so much trouble at work with my boss."

    Khulood A.
  • "The combination Deborah uses is great. The hypnotherapy was there to help me get grounded after my bad experience in my professional life when we first started, but then we were able to move into coaching, where we set weekly goals that really helped me stretch my comfort zone a bit and get me back in the professional saddle. It was great having someone I was accountable to as well, and Deborah was a great support – a real lifeline – in getting me back on track.”

    Damien J.

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