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Private and group sessions; public workshops and conference speaking

Your Visual Mind, Deborah Mends, hypnothérapeute : insomnie, anxiété, arrêt du tabac, coaching personnel, phobies, habitudes & dépendances...

Private Hypnotherapy Sessions

CBT Hypnotherapy & Coaching

In private hypnotherapy sessions clients discover and develop their skills in self-hypnosis to let go of unwanted behaviors.  Used this way, hypnosis is a way for you to grow calm and focus on what you truly want for yourself – and to foster it coming to pass.

Many kinds of hypnotherapy exist, but I have trained intentionally in only evidence-based practice. This means I do not use techniques that have no satisfactory evidence for their efficacy.*

With this approach, your progress will be focused, measurable and goal-oriented.

Your Visual Mind, Deborah Mends, hypnothérapeute : coaching personnel en session individuelle à Auray ou via internet

Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

CBT Hypnotherapy

There is a special energy of fun and joint discovery that makes group work very fulfilling for all concerned.  Most importantly, when teams undertake positive lifestyle changes together such as stopping smoking or losing weight, it’s a chance for everyone to motivate each other while reinforcing bonds.

The advantages to the employer offering a wellness program: improved employee morale, lowered absenteeism due to illness, higher production, increased employee loyalty, to name a few.

As a well-experienced coach and trainer, in addition to being a hypnotherapist, I bring real understanding of the visual mind to my work with groups.

I am a hypnotherapist

with three disciplines contributing to my work

Using the therapeutic power of your visual mind

Changing your thoughts to live more wholeheartedly

Getting past the emotion to reach your own inner wisdom

Public Workshops & Conference Speaking

Learn About the Power of Your Visual Mind

I offer workshops and public speaking events on the powerful, positive change that right use of the visual mind can bring.

In doing so, I draw on years of experience in France and abroad as a conference speaker, workshop moderator, visual thinking consultant, trainer and CBT hypnotherapist.