Private hypnotherapy sessions

The key to successful private sessions is forming a good therapeutic alliance; in other words, both therapist and client have roles to play in achieving your goals.  As the therapist, I cannot “do” hypnotherapy “to” you; my role is to bring my skills, knowledge and experience to the sessions to guide you to eliminating your unwanted behaviors or anxieties.  However you, as the client, your role is to be completely honest and to give your full cooperation to the process to the best of your ability.  With this in place, hypnotherapy can be very effective.

First contact

Almost all of my clients contact me first by telephone, or sometimes by the website contact form or email.  In any event, it is important to have a first conversation, for which there is no charge, during which I will aim to get an idea of your presenting issue.  This conversation is important because hypnotherapy is not adapted to all cases, and if this should be so in my talking with you, I will do my best to refer you to a professional I think is appropriate for your needs.  I can also answer any preliminary questions you may have, perhaps give you an idea of how long treatment generally is for what we are discussing, and then we can schedule the first appointment.

First session

I advise clients to count on an hour and a half, to give us time to discuss their issue but also to complete consultation forms with personal details, conduct necessary evaluations for certain cases (insomnia, phobias, stress, etc.), take your medical history and get information about any ongoing treatments or medications.  This will permit us to put together a treatment plan:  I will present what I believe are the best options for you, and after discussion together as to what seems a right fit for you, we will choose how to proceed and establish goals for your treatment.  This session can take place either at the Akin Medical and Sport Clinic in Auray, or at my private office in St Goustan in Auray, or via Skype or Zoom. If appropriate and time allows, we may conduct a brief hypnosis session.

Subsequent Regular Sessions

Right from the beginning you are active in the therapeutic process, and we will check against the first assessments continually to chart your progress measurably.  Treatment, depending on the condition, can be anywhere from one session to six, but hypnotherapy is a brief therapy.   We will generally schedule sessions to be weekly, and there will be assignments for you to continue the therapeutic work and speed your progress between sessions, most often listening to hypnosis recordings but exercises may also need to be carried out and practiced.


When the agreed-upon goals are met we will discuss your tools to prevent relapse, wrap things up, and conclude.


I adhere to the code of ethics set down by the UK’s General Hypnotherapy Register of which I became a registered member following approval and accreditation by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.


If you have a confirmed scheduled booking for a hypnotherapy session that you wish to cancel you must do so at least 48 hours in advance of the session. Cancellation within 48 hours will result in a late cancellation fee.